It is Tricas’ mission to create Next Generation Products by exploring and combining new and existing technologies. In this specific example, Tricas has brought together techniques for the development of new and innovative user interfaces based on gesture and voice control. Together with our partners Recreate and the Tembo Group, we created an application using Augmented Reality (AR) to monitor and control production machines and individual products.

Augmented Reality is the technique of layering information on top of observable reality by means of a smartphone, tablet or smart glasses. The AR software recognizes elements from the physical world and knows how to link these to measurement data generated by the production machine, for example during the production process. Using this technology real-time feedback becomes possible, just by pointing the smartphone or tablet at the machine. Predictive maintenance is one of the applications where AR offers real added value.

This technology may even be used to operate machines by hand gestures. This way, User Interfaces become more intuitive and have access to the real-time data generated by the machine.

The application we have created together with our innovative partners Recreate and the Tembo Group makes use of the Microsoft HoloLens, which allows the operator to keep his hands free for the physical operation of the machine or to operate it using Gesture Control.

Are you curious which new developments are possible for you, for example, by applying of Augmented Reality? If so, then please contact our team.