An important part of developing any multidisciplinary product is the industrial design. The appearance, the user experience and the ease of use all contribute to the success of a product.

By understanding the client, the end-user and the market in which the product will be used, our designers create guidelines that aid the creative process. Design sketching, model making and other tools are used to find and communicate the many ideas, make informed choices and create and finalize the new products industrial design.

For our client EMM International, Tricas has designed the Colad Fast Curing UV Light. Inspired by the shape of traditional spray guns for the professional market, showcasing the speed with which the device cures UV paints and putties and communicating robustness and quality, this new product features a distinctive industrial design that stands out from any traditional powertool already available to professional users.

For more information about the Fast Curing light, check out the following link: