In the search for the best experience for their Augmented/Virtual Reality software, Recreate teamed up with Tricas to work on high precision hardware developments. As Recreate specializes in AR/VR software, a solid partner for their hardware and embedded software developments was needed. This profile matched perfectly with Tricas as a multidisciplinary development company.

Highly accurate localization data is an absolute must for Recreate software in order to provide the most accurate and most up-to-date virtual environment. Therefore, Tricas has developed prototypes of “lighthouses” that AR/VR-headsets use to determine their location. Such a lighthouse is a clever piece of hardware which combines high precision fluid dynamic motors, precise motor control, microcontrollers, lasers and precision optical sensors.  
Due to its extensive supplier and partner network, Tricas was able to source high precision electrical components. These components were first validated and tuned where needed, in order to surpass current benchmarks. Once this had been completed, Tricas started the next step in software, electronic and mechanical development for the prototypes. Since precision and accuracy were key, the mechanics were developed in such a way that they support these key factors. Tricas’ experience in software, electronics and mechanical engineering together with the ability to do rapid prototyping, contributed to the fast development and delivery time of the prototypes. These prototypes ensure a solid base for both parties, to get the most out of Virtual and Augmented Reality experience in the future.

During the process Recreate and Tricas worked together closely, ensuring an outcome that matched the expectations of Recreate. Tricas supports its clients with work that is not within the clients’ core competence, ensuring that the end result is a combination of best performance for all involved parties.

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