Congratulations to Eggciting for receiving the innovation smart label.
Both the Eggcheff Cooker and the Eggcheff Scrambled are wonderful devices.
A great challenge for our multi-disciplinary team! Developing from idea to handy product in valued look & feel.

Tricas was leading in the development of the Eggcheff Scrambled with great enthusiasm.
Collaboration with several experts led to a professional device which can prepare freshly made scrambled eggs in a minute,
adds a spoon to the cup automatically, stirs and cooks the scrambled eggs until perfection.

The Eggcheff Cooker, also a multi-disciplinary assignment from idea to product, is a developement Tricas is proud of.
This amazing machine brings the cooking time of an egg from twelve minutes down to one!
With the push of a button you choose a fresh perfectly soft, medium or hard-boiled egg!