What if you could transform your dining table into a professional workplace and, at the end of the day, easily transform it back again to a place where you can enjoy time with your family?
And what if you would want to be able to manufacture such a product in large numbers?

A few months ago, Jan-Paul Scholten, the owner of Thuiswerktafel, contacted TRICAS to help him prepare their innovative product for larger production numbers.

Thuiswerktafel started from the idea that working from home should offer flexibility in your working routine, but it should also fulfil the need to easily stow away your monitor, laptop and paperwork. With some elbow grease, a first prototype of the Thuiswerktafel was created by Jan-Paul. The Thuiswerktafel was designed as a quality dining table for your living room, transforming into a functional home office when opened. Motivated by the positive reactions from friends and family the table was put into series production. During production of the first batches it became clear that the table design was not yet suitable for scaling up to larger numbers.

This is where TRICAS came in. After a thorough analyses of the existing design, its usability and the ergonomics of the table, concepts were created and discussed with the client. Extra attention was given to the Design for Manufacturing and the Design for Assembly of the updated design. With the use of a scale model and prototype parts, decisions were made for the final design. In addition to 3D CAD files, a complete set of technical drawings and detailed assembly documentation were created to speed up production and assembly at third party companies.

Additionally, TRICAS provided high quality renders used by Thuiswerktafel for the promotion of this newest version of their table. Please visit www.thuiswerktafel.nl for further information.

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