Creating a strong brand with IDpartners B.V.

Our client KALTENBACH develops high-quality steel processing and surface treatment equipment, resulting in many different products and brand names.

How to distinguish those while staying true to Kaltenbach’s identity?

With the corporate design approach, IDpartners B.V. created a recognizable visual language for Kaltenbach’s product line-up.

Jacques Stevens explains: ‘We have four basic steps in order to create a corporate design using the input of KALTENBACH:’

1.    Translate Corporate Identity into moodboards and design language

2.    Sketching/ideation, to translate form language into product design

3.    Presentation of the design, rendering in 3D

4.    Promotion of the design by animations and video presentations.

‘A brand is a valuable thing, and it is important to carefully create it. With the new product families KALTENBACH has a solid foundation to extend its portfolio in the future while maintaining its brand identity.’

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