The ART of Strengthening Your Innovation

When you think: “It is impossible!”, call us, that’s where the fun starts!

AllroundTechnology offers a broad scale of services for medical, industrial and consumer devices, including design, electronics engineering, software development, product certification and QMS certification support.

We do not only develop your device; we can also help you to certificate your device in compliance with the actual medical standards. Maybe you are not looking forward to all the paperwork. ART has specialists who can help you to break up the big job in small, clear manageable pieces. So, you do what you have to, but not more than necessary and in a structured way.

ART believes in teamwork. Our company structure is organized around multidisciplined teams with short communication lines. We love to work together with our clients, to realize their ideas and dreams. So, is there some knowledge missing at your company? Are you looking for a solution for your challenge? Do you need some engineering or industrial design? Maybe we can help you to take the next step, just contact us!